About was launched in November 2011, funded and managed by Scotland based photographer Alister Benn and Juanli Sun, and Switzerland based photographer Rafael Rojas & Anca Minican. All website content is viewable & free to members and non-members. Since launch the community has grown to be one of the most important resources of inspirations for nature photography with contributions from over 50 countries. Continuing with the pursuit of excellence, from May 2015 no longer accepts public registration. New members are only accepted if personally invited by the Whytake Team.

Key feature
  • It was decided very early in development of that we wanted to eliminate a competitive environment on the site. This is not a critique forum, our aim is to build a community with world best nature images that inspire.

  • As a member, you should have a completed profile that represents you as a Nature Photographer; all portfolio images uploaded should comply to the standard set by the community. Please review your portfolio images regularly to ensure it contains your best work and current standard of the community.
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The Earth is a dynamic mechanism for life where ecosystems are linked to each other. Forests, deserts, mountains, grasslands, oceans, polar regions and fresh water become the units of our natural world and home of all its species. But these ecosystems not only serve as the support for life, but also as a source of wonder, inspiration and education for humankind.Fruit of that wonder, Whytake becomes the inspiration resources for those who see and feel the natural world through the viewfinder of a camera. Inspring Nature PhotographyTM

We reserves the right to delete any members account or newly registered account without consultation for following reasons:

1: Prolonged inactivity - your recent log in ; very little activity - numbers of login

2: None of Your portfolio images were contributed to Inspire Section or your portfolio images exceeded our limits of 100 images

3: No activities on your profile - no latest Comments from you on your subscription wall

Once membership has been deleted, your profile and images are no longer stored on the server.

We also reserve the right to delete images that are more than 365 days old and does not comply to community standard. This helps to maintain an overall standard and efficiency of the database. Please help by self-regulating and ensuring your portfolio contains your best work.

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