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Image Name: Preening
Location: Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, Florida
Photographer Name: CHRISTINA EVANS
Description: There is a small, isolated population of Crested Caracaras -- beautiful, fascinating raptors in central Florida's open ranch and prairie habitats.

Opportunistic feeders, caracaras hunt for live prey such as snakes, frogs, insects, fish and small mammals, or feed on carrion/road kill as vultures do. They are territorial, and usually found in pairs.

They are listed as a threatened species in the state, as well as federally -- with loss of habitat the most likely reason for their decline.
Tags: caracara, crested caracara, northern caracara, cheriway, raptor, preening, threatened species, florida, kissimmee prairie, prairie, kppsp, vertical, color, caracara plancus audubonii
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