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Image Name: Silhouette
Location: Adventdalen, Svalbard
Description: Svalbard reindeer is the smallest subspecies of reindeer and looks both strange and cuddly! With its short legs, short neck and small snout it is perfectly adapted to living in the high Arctic.

I met this little fellow, a beautiful young male, when I was on a hike yesterday evening, enjoying being outside in windswept -15°C / 5°F. Having 200mm as my maximum focal length (I'm a landscape photographer, you know...) I slowly advanced, trying not to disturb it. Spring is the hardest time of the year for these grazing animals: the winter has been long and new plants will not grow before June. Knowing this I did not want to scare him into flight: every bit of energy saved might decide on life or death in the weeks to come.

My patience paid off: the little fellow was slowly grazing and allowed me to crawl as close until I reached his shadow. Exactely then the reindeer decided that I was too close, so it slowly wandered off, leaving me behind with ten numb fingers and a big smile on my cold face.
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