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Toroweap Sunset
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Image Name: Toroweap Sunset
Location: Steep rugged cliffs above the Colorado River at sunset, Toroweap, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizon
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Description: Sunset over the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon from the North Rim at Toroweap, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Tags: horizon, rim, preserved, purity, pristine, primitive, pure, peaceful, edge, across, above, America, American, angle, arid, Arizona, barren, canyon, carve, carving, cliff, cliffs, climate, color, Colorado River, colorful, colour, country, countryside, deep, depth, desert, desolate, distance, distant, dry, dusk, ecology, ecosystem, elevation, environment, environmentalism, erode, eroded, erosion, evening, flora, formation, from above, geological, geology, Grand Canyon National Park, growing, growth, hard, harsh, height, high, horizontal, hot, jagged, land, landscape, length, long, looking down, mountain, mountains, N.P., national park, natural, nature, NP, outdoors, outside, over, peak, plants, ridge, river, rock, rock formation, rocks, rocky, rugged, rugged cliff, rugged cliffs, sandstone, scene, scenery, scenic, sheer, skies, sky, southwest, steep, stone, summit, sunset, tall, terrain, Toroweap, twilight, U.S., U.S.A., United States, US, USA, valley, vegetation, view, vista, warm, water, weather, weathered, west, western, wilderness, worn, yellow, A0611b
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