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The awakening
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Image Name: The Awakening
Location: Italy
Photographer Name: CRISTIANA DAMIANO
Description: Spring has arrived .
There is all a blooming of flowers, perfumes and fragrances in the air, colors in the meadows and undergrowth, the chirping of many birds, the return of the insects in the spring ... so life becomes the protagonist, timidly at first, but without stopping.
And just to enjoy almost entirely its significance, in this period I often go out at dawn and I like to stay in the woods until the sun's rays illuminate the sprouts, waiting for their unfolding, like a small miracle.
And I get excited when natural light caresses these little creatures, the dew struck by the light becomes small pearls . I am simple by temperament, I try to enhance the beauty just using what nature provides, without tricks without manipulation because for me it would be as an offense to what is already beautiful in its essence. Perhaps this is also a limit, but for me it is the only possible way to do photography.
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