Posting Guidelines is a site dedicated to Nature Photography, and as such, we ask users to adhere to some basic guidelines to maintain coherency and continuity throughout the site.


Max File Size 150Kb,Dimension 260x260px
Restrictions: A photo of you, A nature image of yours
Your nature photography business logo

Portfolio Images - We also reserve the right to delete images that are more than 365 days old and do not comply to current community standard. This helps to maintain an overall standard and efficiency of the database. Please help by self-regulating and ensuring your portfolio contains your best work. Please don't re-upload deleted images.

Upload image link:
Portfolio limit to 100 images - Nature Images Only! Please only upload your best work, Maximum Size 500KB Dimensions - longest size between 600 pixels and 900 pixels
No Frames - Borders Prefer Less than 3 pixels in B&W.

No Computer-made Creations - By this we mean images rendered by computer software, the use of unrealistic color filters, etc - the images should be Photo Realistic

No Composites - Multi-image techniques are fine, but no substitution of Skies or adding elements that were not there.

No Studio Set-ups - All images must be taken in the wild environment and without harming wildlife

No Human Elements (focused or blurred ) - Roads, Paths, Buildings, Villages, light houses, window frames, house Roofs, human foot prints, logs & tree stump cut by humans, fences, Fields with trace of tractors. - is a showcase of Natural World Images only.

Images considered to be in breach of these guidelines will be removed.

There are 5 Categories in which images can be uploaded.

Landscapes - Inspiring views of Natural Environments

Birds - Photographs of Birds taken in the Wild - No Zoo, No Captive

Macro & Flora - Images of Plants/Insects taken in the wild or using Macro lenses - No Studio Work

Wildlife - The clue is in the name - the Animals should be wild - No zoo or captive, no pets.

Underwater - Images of underwater species and environments taken using waterproof housings and equipment - No Aquariums or captive animals.


Status Updates can be travel or nature photography related, Wall link Posts and profile content should be related to Nature or Nature Photography, only -

Products & Services

Nature Photography related ONLY - any product or service that is not specific to Nature Photography will be deleted.

You can only upload Product or Service if it is listed in our Acceptable Categories -
-Nature Photography Tours
-Image Licensing.

Languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Other

Maximum Number of Products or Services: 20

Image Upload: needs to comply to the same Size restrictions as portfolio images -

Link to buy: you MUST provide an external link for further information and purchase.

Disclaimer: We allow all registered users to upload their products and services that comply to our posting guidelines, but no warranty as to quality, or authenticity is given by Whytake Limited - users purchase products & services from external links at their own risk and should they have dispute they must take that up with the seller.

No spamming, Spam means links to non nature photography links or websites or otherwise inappropriate material.

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