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Landscapes, Wildlife
I am a part-time nature photographer and full-time scientist studying insect flight dynamics.
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Marco Colombo cervo nel Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo
The rest of the king - Abruzzo, Italy - Marco Colombo
Red deer (Cervus elaphus) A majestic male resting after a night of ruts...
5 days ago | Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Guilhem MANZANO Waouh!!!
3 days ago
Marco Colombo thanks!
2 days ago
Adam Gibbs I havent done an awful lot of night photography so it was great to go out one night with Alister and Juanli Sun and get some night photography pointers. I did admit to Alister that I do actually have his e book on night photography but hadn't read the whole thing. I guess I'm more of a hands on type of guy, trial and error, mostly error.
Star Tripping - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Col
Two exposures, one for a detailed landscape of Mt. Assiniboine and one for the stars. While I was fiddling with the two images in Photoshop I quite liked the combination of both the detailed milky way
6 days ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 8 Comment
Amit Jung KC Everything is great here ..
Reflection of brightness of stars on the water i like most
one day ago
Nicole Barge Sublime!
24 hours ago
Adam Gibbs An image from a recent trip to Mt. Assiniboine where I met up with Alister Benn and his lovely wife Juanli Sun. A particularly mysterious foggy morning at Magog lake with Mt. Assiniboine in the backgorund
Mists of Magog - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Co
I never tire of Mt. Assiniboine. Over the years I have spent quite a bit of time in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park and each time seem to experience very different shooting conditions. On this adventu
one week ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
Amit Jung KC Such a gorgeous shot with well compo :)
one day ago
Nicole Barge Quelle atmosphère de rêve!
24 hours ago
Alister Benn
The Last Morning
Mountain light is always dynamic, always changing and always a surprise. Our last morning at Mt Assiniboine was no exception. Frost forming before our eyes and a pleasure to shoot beside Adam Gibbs
one week ago | 6 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
Yohan LAFOND What a Landscape ! Magnifique, j'adore.
4 days ago
Harry Lichtman We may have crossed paths. I see you and Adam were there about the same time. Wonderful light this area has, and you made the most of it. Beautiful shots from this iconic area. This one is very mysterious with the clouds and frost. The BW shot is another fav. Excellent work.
9 hours ago
Adam Gibbs
Last colour of the day overlooking interesting sandstone rock formations found on Hornby Island.
one week ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Alister Benn Finding interesting comps at Tofino is a real challenge - you've done brilliantly again...
one week ago
Adam Gibbs Thanks, everyone! Alister this is from Hornby Island. I didn't take you guys there or mention it because I didn't want you taking home all the good comps ;-)
7 days ago
Adam Gibbs A long overdue new image from my summer travels on Vancouver Island
The Thumb of Huson - Little Huson Cave Regional Park, N Vanc
The spectacular entrance way to one of the many caves found at Little Huson Regional Park. The caves are unusual in that they are made up of Quatsino formation limestone that is not common on Vancouve
2 weeks ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Stephanie Sahner benz very interesting composition
one week ago
Adam Gibbs Thank you all.
7 days ago
Alister Benn
Soul Music
A golden dawn at Mount Assiniboine in the Rocky Mountains. We trekked up here many times during our week stay in this Canadian gem.
2 weeks ago | 8 Cool | Oops | 13 Comment
Alister Benn Thanks Adam :-)
one week ago
Joel Delmas Perfect light in a perfect scenery during a prefect season with a perfect composition. What else?
I love it! Congratulations!
Wish to visit this place soon.
5 days ago
Alister Benn
The Natural Bridge over the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park is a popular tourist spot and when we arrived late afternoon it was packed. However, as the moon began to rise, we were alone.
2 weeks ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Scotty Perkins So nice. Great to see some of the Canada stuff coming in.
2 weeks ago
Rod Trenchard Wow. Excellent photography Alister.
37 minutes ago
Alister Benn
A moody sunset for our first visit to Mt Assiniboine in the back country of the Rockies. The Larches really popping thanks to a recent cold snap.
2 weeks ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 12 Comment
Scotty Perkins Just a killer shot, Alister. Love the drama.
2 weeks ago
Marc Dilley Great capture! Fascinating cloud detail.
7 days ago
rafael rojas Wonderful image from Fabien dal Vecchio!
When spirits raise the valley - Vallée de l'Ubaye - Fabien
Taken before a big storm while i was climbing the top of a mountain!
3 weeks ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 3 Comment
Cyril Verron I think too !
2 weeks ago
Roman Pohl Incredible clouds. Very dramatic and nice!
2 weeks ago