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Landscapes, Wildlife
I am a part-time nature photographer and full-time scientist studying insect flight dynamics.
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Bastien Riu
24 hours ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 14 Comment
Eddy REMY Magnifique atmosphère brumeuse, Bastien, rehaussée par cette belle silhouette à l'avant-plan.
9 hours ago
Laurent Bauza Composition réussi Bastien !
9 hours ago
Verena Georg Popp Hackner
Bald Cypress Dream
Cypress sawmp in autumn, deep south, USA.
2 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Pascale dechandernagor very beautiful picture congratulations Verena
2 days ago
Philippe DECOT Another stunning and excellent composition ! Congrats
2 days ago
Alister Benn
First Impressions
Let's not be shy, Mt Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies is an incredible wilderness location. The lodge and nearby huts are tastefully and environmentally located and strict limits on numbers ensure
2 days ago | 7 Cool | Oops | 13 Comment
Eddy REMY Fantastic colours, Alister !
one day ago
Scotty Perkins Just doesn't get better than this. Amazing, Alister.
one day ago
Alister Benn
Juanli and I don't really "do" birthdays, but today is mine and after a good long stretch in the office, I managed to get out for an hour close to sunset. This was taken 5 minutes from home and is
3 days ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 13 Comment
Adam Gibbs Happy?...Birthday! 49?..50? It's okay Alister life does go on after 50. Just look at me, haha. Either way Happy Birthday mate. Not a bad image either.
2 days ago
Alister Benn Hey Adam - Thanks mate - just the 48 for now! You lead the pack in the 50 category :-)
one day ago
Theo Bosboom
The trees
The last autumn leaves on a beech tree, on a foggy and grey day at the end of autumn.
4 days ago | Cool | Oops | 15 Comment
David Henrot Perfect !
one day ago
ingrid bormans raffiné , élégant simple mais ooh si joli ! je suis fan ! merci !
one day ago
Theo Bosboom
In the forest
A porcelain fungus in the autumn forest, taken from a low viewpoint with a wide angle lens
4 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 12 Comment
Alex Alonso una vista espectacular
3 days ago
Alan Douglas Great image!

2 days ago
Alister Benn
A raging torrent typical of the Icelandic interior.
7 days ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 17 Comment
Nicole Barge Vraiment superbe!
3 days ago
Chris davis wow, I love this image! fantastic
2 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir
Héron garde-boeuf et héron cendré
one week ago | 6 Cool | Oops | 21 Comment
Sebastien DELLEPIANE magnifique bravo
4 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir Thank you very much
4 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir
Shadow of the beast
A couple of Stag beetle
one week ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 7 Comment
Cristiana Damiano I love this shot ! Congrats Jonathan !
one week ago
Jeffrey Van Daele Great shot!
4 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir
2 weeks ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
Myriam Dupouy Très beau...
2 weeks ago
Christopher Mouisset Une image magnifique !!!
2 weeks ago