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I’m a biologist currently undertaking my PhD studies in Zoology and a photographer from Romania. I was born in Oradea, a city in the north-western part of my country, a region widely known as Transylvania :)

I really like my studies and work, but also love traveling, so the photos i take belong to both worlds. I equally enjoy taking landscapes and animal close-ups and my goal is to visit as many places and see as many animals and natural beauties as i simply can.
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Alister Benn
Into the West
I am of the opinion that Scotland offers some of the finest landscapes in the world, and perhaps as a Scot I am biased! Delicate summer light verges on the intense, but still manages to be a calm s
7 hours ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Alister Benn Thanks Ian. Yes, a well-known area for sure. Really looking forward to the SNPF. You going?
2 hours ago
Serge DAENS Très belle image!
one hour ago
Marco Dian
The Winter Light
I think that winter light is unique and on the mountains it's even more spectacular. That day was very cloudy and there were few possibilities to take some good sunset shots. But the mountain, as alwa
3 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
victorino diaz fernandez Bonito paisaje y luz Marco . Saludos, Victor
2 days ago
Rocco MEGA Bella !!!
4 hours ago
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Elisabeth GAILLARD Thanks for your work !
2 days ago
Kathleen Pickard I second Elisabeth's comment. Your work is much appreciated.
12 hours ago
Rocco MEGA
Bisti Badlands
De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area
3 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 1 Comment
Philippe DECOT Un jeu subtil avec la lumière ! Bien vu
21 hours ago
Andrea Pozzi
Polynesian gold
An amazing sunrise on a beach of South Pacific.
3 days ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 5 Comment
victorino diaz fernandez Fantástica Andrea , con esos bonitos brillos . Complimenti !!! . Buona giornata
2 days ago
Andrea Pozzi Thanks!
20 hours ago
Kah Kit Yoong
Under Siege
Getting up close and personal with the crashing waves on the Lofoten Islands.
5 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 9 Comment
Rocco MEGA So beautifull
3 days ago
Kathleen Pickard An exciting image. The sound must have been all enveloping.
2 days ago
Rocco MEGA
Delicate Arch
A classic shot, I know ! But I was lucky to have less than five minutes of light during this overcast windy day ...
5 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Larry Monczka Luck is often a reward for hard work! Cheers, Larry.
5 days ago
victorino diaz fernandez Majestuoso paisaje Rocco, con una bonita luz .Amicalement , Victor
5 days ago
Rocco MEGA
The Guardians
Organ Pipe National Monument
6 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 3 Comment
Larry Monczka Looks like they are out for an active walk! Nice energy here. Cheers, Larry.
5 days ago
Rocco MEGA Exactly the same feeling I got while I was there ...
Many thanks, Larry !!
5 days ago
Rocco MEGA
Sand storm over the dunes
White Sands National Monument
7 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 5 Comment
Rocco MEGA Thanks a lot Larry !!!
6 days ago
Guilhem MANZANO Simple and beautiful!
6 days ago
Kah Kit Yoong
Spirited Away
Northern lights over the Reine. Panoramic stitch.
7 days ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 8 Comment
Theo Theo nice colours and light in this calm scene
4 days ago
Rocco MEGA Fabulous !!
3 days ago