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I’m a biologist currently undertaking my PhD studies in Zoology and a photographer from Romania. I was born in Oradea, a city in the north-western part of my country, a region widely known as Transylvania :)

I really like my studies and work, but also love traveling, so the photos i take belong to both worlds. I equally enjoy taking landscapes and animal close-ups and my goal is to visit as many places and see as many animals and natural beauties as i simply can.
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Andrea Pozzi
Whirlpool in Plitvice.
15 hours ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 1 Comment
Serge DAENS Très belle réalisation, bravo!
14 hours ago
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Thanks for your understanding.
Whytake team
20 hours ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 7 Comment
Felix Gil de la Casa Thanks to all the team.
10 hours ago
Kathleen Pickard Thanks to all who work on improving the website. It is much appreciated.
10 hours ago
Andrea Pozzi
Amazing light on Monte Pelmo at sunset, Dolomites.
3 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 3 Comment
fabrice morin une belle lumière!
2 days ago
Guilhem MANZANO Nice light!
2 days ago
Urtzi Vera
"Between yellow"
An pretty orchid shot through dandelions.
3 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Serge DAENS Belles couleurs pour cette superbe image!
3 days ago
Guilhem MANZANO Hermosas colores!
2 days ago
Adam Gibbs I havent done an awful lot of night photography so it was great to go out one night with Alister and Juanli Sun and get some night photography pointers. I did admit to Alister that I do actually have his e book on night photography but hadn't read the whole thing. I guess I'm more of a hands on type of guy, trial and error, mostly error.
Star Tripping - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Col
Two exposures, one for a detailed landscape of Mt. Assiniboine and one for the stars. While I was fiddling with the two images in Photoshop I quite liked the combination of both the detailed milky way
5 days ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Jackson Frishman Very interesting! The trails/fixed star combo is definitely a little odd, but here in combination with the sweeping comp, it definitely evokes a feeling of vastness and movement through space. It's not a combination I'd want to see overused, but it certainly works here!
one day ago
Adam Gibbs Thanks, Jackson! Definitely not my usual style of photography.
15 hours ago
Morris McClung
Glorious Unfolding
I was at this location for only 5 to 10 minutes before the fog which had obscured the view dissipated to reveal the snowcapped mountains.
6 days ago | Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Jackson Frishman Awesome, Morris!
one day ago
Morris McClung Thank you, Jackson!
one day ago
Morris McClung
Maroon Bells
Sunrise puts a pastel pink coloring to the clouds above Maroon Lake on this morning.
6 days ago | Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Stephanie Sahner benz Very nice .I like the colors
5 days ago
Morris McClung Thank you, Stephanie Sahner benz!
4 days ago
Andrea Pozzi
The shining
Sunrise, Passo Giau, italian Alps.
6 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 3 Comment
Philippe DECOT Excellent this reflection !
5 days ago
fabrice morin une très belle lumière avec un ciel de caractère comme je les aime! très belle composition.
4 days ago
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