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Landscapes, Flora&macro
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I am an Intimate Nature and Landscape Photographer with a strong interest in close ups of insects, fungi and plants. The majority of my landscapes relate to water or forests as that is what surrounds me and most of my images are taken within 50m/80km of my home.
I have the habit of visiting familiar places often and either composing images differently or capturing them in different light or seasons. I believe knowledge of the subjects you love allows you to capture them in special ways.
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Kiss zsolt
Huge mirror
...almost endless sunset...
3 days ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 3 Comment
Guilhem MANZANO Beautiful mirror
one day ago
victorino diaz fernandez Precioso paisaje Kiss. Muy agradable a la vista. Fantástica luz y colores. Saludos, Victor
13 hours ago
Alister Benn
Hebridean Magic
On an evening like this one there are few finer places on earth - looking across to the black Coullin of the Isle of Skye.
4 days ago | 6 Cool | Oops | 13 Comment
victorino diaz fernandez Esto si que es una gran imagen . Perfecta!! . Saludos, Victor
3 days ago
Melvin Rodriguez imagen estupenda e impresionante composición
3 days ago
Stephan Amm
European Hare
Easter's coming soon! Franconia, 2014
4 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 12 Comment
Etienne FRANCEY Wouah !!!!! Excellent !!!
2 days ago
Kerstin Langenberger Hahahaha - nur cool!
Frohe Ostern! :-)
2 days ago
Kerstin Langenberger
under water
While spring is blooming in many countries now, the weather in Iceland is just miserable. It's getting warmer, though: too warm to visit ice caves, which are very unstable and therefore quite dangerou
5 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Ron Otsu Great shot.
4 days ago
Jan Bainar Beautiful layering of light.
4 days ago
Marco Colombo mallards
Tribute to Monet - Lombardy, Italy - Marco Colombo
Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) One day I was driving near a lake when I noticed that light made beautiful reflections on the water. Immediately I realized that I had to find some animals in this scena
5 days ago | Cool | Oops | 8 Comment
Yohan LAFOND Ciao Marco, Impression soleil couchant ! Molto originale.
2 days ago
Marco Colombo Merci Yohan :-)
8 hours ago
Kah Kit Yoong
Breath of God
White out conditions imminent at Cradle Mountain
5 days ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Stan Newman What a desolate landscape, it really evokes a foreboding type of emotion. I like the feel of the shot.
4 days ago
Ron Otsu Looks very dramatic.
4 days ago
Alister Benn
The beach at Jokulsarlon on Iceland is world famous for a valid reason - every day is different and there is the potential to make unique images in an iconic location - something that can be harder in
one week ago | 8 Cool | Oops | 15 Comment
Alister Benn Agree very much Kerstin - I was leading a tour though and pretty much had to go there!
4 days ago
Antonia Kraemer Very powerful, great!
4 days ago
Kiss zsolt
...crazy morning in Carpathian .....
one week ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 3 Comment
Guilhem MANZANO Nice light and composition
one week ago
juanli sun Lovely vibrant light, a beautiful morning in the mountain.
6 days ago
Kah Kit Yoong
Canyon Delight
A novel interpretation of a fairly popular New Zealand location.
one week ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Xavier Manrique Excellent colors and compo
one week ago
Philippos Katsiyiannis wow!! colours!!!
6 days ago
Kerstin Langenberger
Gullfoss at night
Something recent: the famous waterfall Gullfoss at night. I had to wait quite a long time for the clouds to disappear. In springtime, the waterfall is not as majestic as in winter time (totally surrou
one week ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
Xavier Manrique Simply fantastic
one week ago
Philippos Katsiyiannis I can feel the cold!!
6 days ago

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