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Landscapes, Flora&macro
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I am an Intimate Nature and Landscape Photographer with a strong interest in close ups of insects, fungi and plants. The majority of my landscapes relate to water or forests as that is what surrounds me and most of my images are taken within 50m/80km of my home.
I have the habit of visiting familiar places often and either composing images differently or capturing them in different light or seasons. I believe knowledge of the subjects you love allows you to capture them in special ways.
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Alister Benn
Serpent Rising
Early summer light over the west of Scotland.
one day ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
serkan mutan very nice...
19 hours ago
Guilhem MANZANO The backbone of a dragon under the sea? Very delicate tones
18 hours ago
Morris McClung
Well of Souls
Eroded geology on the plains of Colorado. Native Americans gathered the colored clay soils to decorate themselves and their possessions.
4 days ago | Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Morris McClung Thank you, victorino diaz Fernandez!
4 days ago
Morris McClung Thank you, Christopher, Mouisset!
4 days ago
Cristiana Damiano
A curious lake
A seasonal lake intermittently appearing and disappearing also in a few hours thanks to channels and sinkholes due to karstification .
5 days ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 16 Comment
Cristiana Damiano Thank you very much :)
4 days ago
Michele Venturini ottima immagine Cristiana, trasmette un senso di pace.
3 days ago
Marco Colombo Cyprinus carpio
Green realm - Piedmont, Italy - Marco Colombo
Carps (Cyprinus carpio) Lights and shadows in the marsh...
6 days ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Alpine Man Belle image
3 days ago
Marco Colombo Merci
3 days ago
Kiss zsolt
2 weeks ago | Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Francis Brosteaux Un beau noir et blanc.
one week ago
Serge DAENS Belle ambiance!
one week ago
Kiss zsolt
2 weeks ago | Cool | 1 Oops | 7 Comment
Francis Brosteaux Une jolie vision d' un sous-bois.
2 weeks ago
Francis Brosteaux Une jolie vision d' un sous-bois.
2 weeks ago
Steve Mackay
Shadow Boxer
A Brown Hare, in winter sunset light........this solo Hare decided to get some practice in for the following Spring......but I am still looking for that duo Hare boxing shot.....
2 weeks ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Serge DAENS Belle lumière pour ce très beau portrait!
2 weeks ago
Alpine Man Belle lumière !
3 days ago
Steve Mackay
A Kingfisher with it's sorrowful Trout catch
2 weeks ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Serge DAENS Superbe!
2 weeks ago
Guilhem MANZANO Beautiful portait!
2 weeks ago
Steve Mackay
A very recent shot, I always feel very lucky to see these beautiful carpets of Bluebells every year, it's quite a magical sight!.
2 weeks ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 5 Comment
Guilhem MANZANO Fantastic light!
2 weeks ago
Kathleen Pickard A magical sight indeed. Thanks for sharing.
2 weeks ago
Kiss zsolt
Whispers pine and limestone land...
2 weeks ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Myriam Dupouy Great!
2 weeks ago
Gaetano Pimazzoni Wonderful!!!
one week ago