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1: website copyright

1a: WHYTAKE LIMITED owns all the rights to the, its domain, copyright, design, script, services, information, and development.

1b: The Global Community of Nature PhotographersTM is a Trademark of & WHYTAKE LIMITED.

2: Privacy:

2a: is a public website, please don't include any personal information or content you do not want to be public. All contributed images and content should be suitable and adhere to our posting guideline.

2b: WHYTAKE LIMITED do not distribute members' emails to third parties.

3: User accounts, security

3a: As a user, you can access most of without registration, however, certain features of the site require you to be a registered user. You yourself are responsible for making sure that the registered information is accurate, and maintaining the confidentiality of your own password and account.

3b: All registered members must use their real name and be 13 years of age or older. By registering as a member, you confirm that you are at least 13 years of age.

3c: You can't change your registered email address after completed registration.

3d: WHYTAKE LIMITED can use account information to send notifications and news announcement regarding all matters to the website on WHYTAKE LIMITED,

3e: WHYTAKE LIMITED will make every effort to ensure the security of

However we will not be liable for any loss, misuse or alteration of all content and information outside of our control.

3f: Please read posting guidelines for submitting images and content through the website. Any images and/or content in breach of these guidelines will be deleted/removed without warning.

4: Intellectual property rights & Image Copyright:

4a: You can only post your own original work, do not plagiarize or infringe copyright of others. You may not distribute, copy, publish, alter, manipulate or use other member's images or intellectual property without first gaining permission from the original owner.

4b: By submitting images, content, you will give to users the right of viewing, sharing, and commenting. If you are not prepared to accept this, please do not upload or contribute on our website

4c: WHYTAKE LIMITED retains the rights to keep and display content and images submitted by our members on, until the content is deleted by the website or the user.

4d: WHYTAKE LIMITED reserves the right to use any images to promote the website, but will not use images for any commercial enterprise without the prior consent of the original owner.

4e: Images posted on retain the copyright they had before they were posted. or Whytake LIMITED will not use your images for any purpose other than to be displayed, viewed, and shared by Whytake LIMITED and staff on the website and shared, linked to, displayed and viewed on other social media and websites such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter, without your prior consent.

5: Member content, include, posts, comment, data, and external websites Links:

Member content, include posts, data, and external websites or product & Service Links is not verified by or Whytake LIMITED. Please be aware that Whytake LIMITED is not responsible for the accuracy of said information.

6: Spamming & Advertising

6a: You may be able to access other member's email addresses through their personal website or links they post on To gather these email addresses or personal identifiable information for purposes of spamming or for any purpose other than personal communication and related business consultation is not allowed.

6b: Posting, advertising and promoting of product and service unrelated to nature photography is not allowed without our permission, other form of advertising is not allowed without our permission.

7: Account Termination:

7a: Any unlawful, harassing, abusive, racially offensive content is not allowed on the website, it will be deleted; and your IP address may be blocked.

7b: Any false or fake identity, the membership will be removed and denied further access to the website.

7c: In the event of 7a and 7b above, We shall not be liable to you or any other person if we terminate your membership of the Site.

8: Membership and service

8a: is an invitation only community for Nature photographers. You cannot complete the registration process without an Activation Code. To apply for an Activation code you must meet the following criteria: be a real person with an online personal/business website that hosts predominantly nature images. Applications (with 5 portfolio images) can take up to 14 days and acceptance is not guaranteed.

8b: reserves the right to delete any user account or newly registered account without consultation in the event of any of the following: Inappropriate content, links to non-photography related websites, or prolonged inactivity.

8c: We reserve the right to discontinue any aspect of the site at any time. Any purchased services, affiliate services, advertising/sponsorship, will subject to additional terms & condition that apply in the event of service/agreement take place.

9: Liability

9a: Any claims or dispute arising from the use of, shall follow the jurisdiction located in Scotland, United Kingdom.

9b: We try to keep bug free and safe with all our effort, but you access/use it at your own risk. We are providing as seen and without implied warranties. Whytake LIMITED also will not be responsible to the actions, products & services, comments, information or data of third parties, and you release WHYTAKE LIMITED, the directors, officers, employees from any claims and damages arising of known or unknown.

10: Change

10a: WHYTAKE LIMITED may change these conditions at any time by posting changes online, please review the terms and conditions regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made.

10b: Your continued access and use of after terms & condition changes are posted means you agree to most updated terms & conditions.


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