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Alister Benn is a Scottish landscape Photographer and one of the founders of Whytake.

His passion for the environment and nature drive him to capture images full of expression and mood.

He specializes in night and seascape/wilderness photography and is the author of a number of eBooks on both subjects.

Together with Whytake co-founder Juanli Sun, they live in the remote NW Highlands of Scotland.
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Alister Benn
First Impressions
Let's not be shy, Mt Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies is an incredible wilderness location. The lodge and nearby huts are tastefully and environmentally located and strict limits on numbers ensure
3 days ago | 7 Cool | Oops | 14 Comment
Scotty Perkins Just doesn't get better than this. Amazing, Alister.
2 days ago
Cyril Verron Very good landscape in this portrait frame. Full composition with all these plans. Interesting !
23 hours ago
Alister Benn
Juanli and I don't really "do" birthdays, but today is mine and after a good long stretch in the office, I managed to get out for an hour close to sunset. This was taken 5 minutes from home and is
4 days ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 14 Comment
Alister Benn Hey Adam - Thanks mate - just the 48 for now! You lead the pack in the 50 category :-)
3 days ago
Martin Schmidt Congratulations, when also a bit late, but your birthday-picture is phänomenal. Bravo !!!
Greetings Martin
2 hours ago
Alister Benn
A raging torrent typical of the Icelandic interior.
one week ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 17 Comment
Nicole Barge Vraiment superbe!
4 days ago
Chris davis wow, I love this image! fantastic
3 days ago
Alister Benn
Highland November
Is this what early winter in Scotland looks like? The most beautiful evening earlier this week - sublime, calm, beautiful and 5 minutes from home!
one month ago | 8 Cool | Oops | 19 Comment
Debra Laurie Love the colours in this image. Awesome.
4 weeks ago
Martin Schmidt Your locations are absolutly enviable. Great Kino. Bravo.
Greetings Martin
5 days ago
Alister Benn
Pre dawn light illuminates Slioch, rising above Loch Maree. Now, just a few minutes from home.
one month ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 21 Comment
Debra Laurie What else can I say - AWESOME
4 weeks ago
fabrice bertholino très beau , j adore ...
2 weeks ago
Alister Benn
The coast of Scotland withstands another storm - relentless and unforgiving - it will not bend.
2 months ago | 4 Cool | Oops | 15 Comment
Adrien Sautier It will not bend... But anyway, Scotland never bends, does it? ;)
one month ago
Martin Schmidt Fantastic....
Greetings Martin
5 days ago
Alister Benn
We were on Skye for a week with a client, during which, the weather was "challenging!" - The very last post-sunset glow allowed an image to be made of storm-lashed Elgol.
2 months ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
Morris McClung Marvelous color combination.
2 months ago
Christopher Mouisset Incroyablement beau !!
2 months ago
Alister Benn
The Last Morning
Mountain light is always dynamic, always changing and always a surprise. Our last morning at Mt Assiniboine was no exception. Frost forming before our eyes and a pleasure to shoot beside Adam Gibbs
2 months ago | 10 Cool | Oops | 13 Comment
Benjamin Barthelemy What a wonderfull Landscape, I really love this picture, what a perfect shot, tones and mood looks great !
one month ago
Alban Henderyckx Superb!
3 days ago
Alister Benn
Soul Music
A golden dawn at Mount Assiniboine in the Rocky Mountains. We trekked up here many times during our week stay in this Canadian gem.
2 months ago | 10 Cool | 1 Oops | 15 Comment
Cyril Verron Oh excellent !! Superb picture and amazing light on this mount !! Compliments !
2 months ago
Debra Laurie What else can I say - AWESOME
4 weeks ago
Alister Benn
The Natural Bridge over the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park is a popular tourist spot and when we arrived late afternoon it was packed. However, as the moon began to rise, we were alone.
3 months ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 6 Comment
Scotty Perkins So nice. Great to see some of the Canada stuff coming in.
2 months ago
Rod Trenchard Wow. Excellent photography Alister.
2 months ago