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Landscapes, Flora and macro
Javier Alonso Torre (October 1st, 1973) is a Spanish photographer, who has always felt a real passion for both the Nature and the photography, although not always at the same time. His childhood memories spread from going fishing to the river with his father to climbing up the trees searching for cherries while walking with grandpa. His love for photography is also given by his father, who would always carry in his hands an old reflex camera wrapped in an odd brown leather case. His first camera, the Pentax Asahi Spotmatic Spll is of father inheritance and can still take excellent pictures. While living in the Canary Islands (1995-1999), Javier starts taking his first artistic pictures, but the high cost of the films and their developing placed the hobby in a stand-by position. It is years later, and thanks to passionate photographer and naturalist Txemi, when these two great passions were sealed, becoming somehow obsessive. Since then, Javier has never stopped learning: watching other photographers’ pictures, reading books, but specially playing with the camera. Both local photographers, who showed the beauty of their immediate vicinity, like Isabel Díaz, Asier Castro or Rosa Basurto, and worldwide renowned photographers, like Galen Rowell, José B. Ruiz or Mark Adamus, have influenced his artwork.
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Javier Alonso
El alma de la flor
Las margaritas siempre andan buscando el sol, la luz. Quise imaginarla ascendiendo hacia ella.
2 weeks ago | Cool | Oops | 1 Comment
Guilhem MANZANO Una imagen muy interesante!
2 weeks ago
Javier Alonso
Cantos de Sirena
Esta zona de la costa asturiana no te deja indiferente y te hace regresar. Oyes sus cantos de sirena que te obligan a sumergirte en sus aguas.
2 months ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 1 Comment
Pascale dechandernagor wonderful it's a beautiful picture congrats Javier !
2 months ago
Javier Alonso
Iceland, Bruarfoss
Atardecer nublado en Bruarfoss. lasucesión de remolinos que se forman debajo de la cascada llegan a tener un ritmo hipnótico.
7 months ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Alister Benn Best image I have ever seen from there - stunning!
7 months ago
Agustin Brugera Que razón tienes, es una foto y parecen dotados de movimiento, que gran sensación de movimiento que transmite.
7 months ago
Javier Alonso Mi última visita a Pirineos, parte 3
LA NATURALEZA HABLA: Soñando luces en Pirineos, Todo o nada
3 years ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 2 Comment
Antonio Martinez Tomas Hola Javier, enhorabuena por todo tu trabajo, tus fotos, tu blog, tu web y por la revista LNH, este lo considero un gran proyecto, gracias por haberlo creado, saludos.
3 years ago
Guilhem MANZANO Ambientes que reconozco bien y un bello porfolio.Saludos de los Pirineos
one year ago
Javier Alonso Mi última visita a Pirineos. Parte 2
LA NATURALEZA HABLA: Soñando luces en Pirineos, Cae la noch
3 years ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 1 Comment
rafael rojas Super chulos los posts Javier. Dan ganas de salir corriendo a los Pirineos! Aupa Javier!
3 years ago
Javier Alonso Mi última visita a Pirineos. Parte 1
LA NATURALEZA HABLA: Soñando luces en Pirineos
3 years ago | 1 Cool | Oops | 1 Comment
juanli sun Great series of images, mist really add a lot of movement and mystery to the image.
3 years ago