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Capturing moments in time... is the essence of my photography. For I know that whenever I press that shutter release, the image just captured on film is completely unique in all of the world - and can never be duplicated. Yes, there are thousands, if not millions of images of Yosemite Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and even the ruins of Machu Pichu, Peru. What makes each and every one of those images unique, is time. The memories and experiences of capturing an image are preserved forever; each image stamped with it's own moment in time.

Lon Overacker Time for another update. I've removed a few images that weren't getting the views. Seems like trees do well, and it seems I do have an affinity for them. Ya know, it's not always the tree itself, but it's environment, the background and trying to pull order out of chaos....
Out of Chaos - El Portal, CA - Lon Overacker
Wintering oak trees near the town of El Portal, California in the Merced River Canyon just outside Yosemite National Park. File#40007SH
4 年以前 | 精彩! | 遗憾! | 11 评论
rafael rojas That is absolutely gorgeous image Lon...the hints of green in the otherwise neutral but cold background, the mystery of the scene...very strong!
4 年以前
juanli sun Lon: glad you are not too bothered, we had discussion in the early development, and come to an agreement: portfolio means each images should be as best work of the photographer, if there is one image we want to organize to the last image/page would means that it might be better left out the portfolio, a good way for photographer to select the uploaded images and avoid second best images end up on page 4. What do you think?
4 年以前
Lon Overacker It's been a month since I last updated anything here and so I thought I would add an image to the folio. A little behind seasonally, but was going through the archives and liked the simplicity of this one.

Happy New Year to everyone on WhyTake! Hope 2012 is a great one!

Fleeting Autumn - Lundy Canyon, Eastern Sierra, California.
Lone aspen leaf sits atop the seasons first snow.
4 年以前 | 精彩! | 遗憾! | 3 评论
Alister Benn Happy New Year Lon, welcome back :-) Gorgeous image as usual. You see some excellent compositions.
4 年以前
Eva McDermott This is absolutely beautiful.Love the detail and subtle color. Happy New Year!
4 年以前
Lon Overacker Time for a new addition to the portfolio - trying to keep things fresh. This is recent and from the same trip as the previous two additions. An overnight snow graced the valley floor and I framed this composition in Leidig Meadow. I really like this one and hope you do too.
Leidig Meadow, the Morning After - Leidig Meadow, Yosemite N
Leidig Meadow, Yosemite Naitonal Park, after an overnight storm brought snow to the valley.
Eva McDermott Hi Lon - One of my favorites of yours from your Yosemite Chronicles. Eva
4 年以前
Lon Overacker Thanks everyone! Chris, Eva, great to see you here!
4 年以前
Lon Overacker Updating the portfolio - removed a couple of less popular images. Thought I would add another from my recent autumn trip to Yosemite. We were really lucky with a mix of autumn color, two mornings with snow and just your typical wonderful conditions in the valley. Hope you like it.
Transitions - Yosemite Naitonal Park - Lon Overacker
Lone autumn leaf (unsure of species) laced with the first touch of winter.
rafael rojas Wonderfully creative use of selective focus. A very good example of chaotic structure becoming a unified entity, those branches disordered in an ordered way create a whole element, not the addition of many ones. The leaf is like floating in a limbo...really great and different image Lon!
4 年以前
hank perry Nice work, Lon! I also had a great fall in Yosemite this year - your compositions are very nicely done. hp
4 年以前
Lon Overacker Adding a new image to the portfolio. This is a recent image from a trip to Yosemite. I'm fascinated with the geology in the Merced River Canyon and always seem to find new color and beautiful patterns in these ancient walls. Hope you like it. Lon
Cascading Geology - Merced River Canyon, CA - Lon Overacker
Small, 3-4ft section of a rock wall along the Merced River Canyon just outside Yosemite National Park.
Stephen Gingold Superb abstract of this great wall, Lon. Wonderful textures that I'm sure your experiencing brought an extra appreciation for your subject and the tones in the blues of the rock and the rust all work together for a fine image.
I really like your trees a lot too. They are not an easy subject to isolate, but you have that down pretty well. Really nice inspiring work.
4 年以前
rafael rojas Super abstract Lon...so graphical, as always. One can study that for hours...Gorgeous addition to your portfolio, very much Lon for me!! :)
4 年以前
Lon Overacker Phenomenal imagery and talent on this site so far! I'm excited to be a part of this new community. Let's see where it takes us.

Lon Overacker Thanks Rafael! Great to be here and yeah, I love trees. Maybe I'll find some more and replace some as I find out which images aren't as popular.

I think this place will grow fast!
4 年以前
juanli sun With so many world best nature photographer here, really feel there is great motivation to push me to get better.
4 年以前
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