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Hi my name is Michael. I'm a landscape photographer from Germany living near Erlangen.

I started photography in 2008 and since then spent a lot of time in developing my current style of photography, which is focused very much on colors in landscapes.

If time permits I like to travel and explore the landscapes of different countries or I search for spectacular places here in Germany which has become kind of a mission over the last year :-) Somehow most people (me included) think they have to travel far to find great landscapes while often near were we live some real treasures are hidden.
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Michael Breitung
Rappensee Light
View down towards lake Rappensee in the German Alps near Oberstdorf.
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Michael Breitung
Murder Hole Surf
I took this photo while traveling Donegal a few years ago. This little cove is called Boyeegther Beach or Murder Hole.
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Michael Breitung
A beautiful little waterfall in southern Germany. I was a nice surprise to find it while I was on a photo trip down there two weeks ago.
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Michael Breitung If you are interested in my post processing, I have a detailed tutorial available showing my complete workflow ->
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Michael Breitung Hi there,

If you stumble upon my profile here, which still isn't very full yet you can also take a look over at G where you'll find my profile under this link ->

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juanli sun Quality work, specially like the "Partnachklamm"
4 años antes
Michael Breitung Thank you juanli
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