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There is no border between photography and poetry. Photography is, just like poetry, full of lyrism. Somewhere, high up, they meet, they mix, they mingle. Photogralysm.

While an art such as literature seeks, through words, the Word, Photography reveals the light within the Light: this is the premise of my visual expression endeavours. Obsessively fascinated by the power with which the photographical art bears testimony that the world is "good from the viewpoint of its purpose, beautiful as making, complex from the perspective of its existence and spiritual through its very materiality" (Horia Bernea), I do my best to acknowledge the assertion in the quote above.
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Andrei Baciu
Colours galore on the coast of a hill in autumn
8 mois avant | Cool | Oops | 3 Commentaires
Andrei Baciu Thanks a lot, Guilhem!
8 mois avant
rosalino torretta Immagine e colori splendidi
4 mois avant