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I have been a full time photographer since 1991. My work has been used extensively internationally both as fine art and within commercial applications. Up until 2014 my images could be found in four gardening magazines published nine times a year by Cornwall Publishing. To date I have had thousands of images published in Gardens West, Gardens East and Gardens Central. I have also had over two hundred covers of the same titles. Other notable publication credits include the the highly celebrated book "Planet Earth" published by the BBC, Nature's Best and Canadian Geographic
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Adam Gibbs An image from a trip that I took last year in to Mt. Edziza Provincial Park in NW British Columbia. Mt. Edziza is a large park but gets very little visitation. I think that last year about 20 people went in.
The Spectrum Range - Mt. Edziza Provincial Park, Britsh Colu
The Spectrum Range Mt. Edziza Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada Located in the heart of Mt. Edziza provinvial park is a small group of mountains called the Spectrum Range or Rainbow mounta
7 mois avant | 2 Cool | Oops | 10 Commentaires
rafael rojas Fantastic image Adam ... it is epic, but delicate at the same time. Love it.
7 mois avant
Adam Gibbs Thanks all for your comments, best wishes.
7 mois avant
Adam Gibbs
The Ramparts
Tonquin valley in Jasper national parks is probably one of the best wilderness Jewels of the Canadian Rockies. The hike in to Amethyst lake is filled with great scenery and if you're lucky, a glimpse
7 mois avant | 5 Cool | Oops | 11 Commentaires
Weber Marc Another great composition...beautiful.
7 mois avant
Nicole Barge Vraiment magnifique, quelle belle composition!
7 mois avant
Adam Gibbs Last image of Assiniboine, I promise. I took this photo on the last day of my trip into the heart of the Canadian Rockies. I spent a brilliant morning shooting alongside Alister Benn and Juanli Sun. The morning couldn't have been more perfect and was a fantastic way to end a memorable trip.
Beyond the Mists of Magog - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park,
A wonderful morning when all seems to come together. What could be better than standing in a frosty meadow surrounded by majestic peaks, an excellent reflection, autumn colour and a thin veil of fog.
7 mois avant | 1 Cool | Oops | 3 Commentaires
Weber Marc Great composition. It's a very good idea not to have the real peaks on this composition but just the reflection.
7 mois avant
Jamieson Caskenette Love this Adam, well done! Probably the best image I have seen to date of the Assiniboine area..
4 mois avant
Adam Gibbs I havent done an awful lot of night photography so it was great to go out one night with Alister and Juanli Sun and get some night photography pointers. I did admit to Alister that I do actually have his e book on night photography but hadn't read the whole thing. I guess I'm more of a hands on type of guy, trial and error, mostly error.
Star Tripping - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Col
Two exposures, one for a detailed landscape of Mt. Assiniboine and one for the stars. While I was fiddling with the two images in Photoshop I quite liked the combination of both the detailed milky way
8 mois avant | 5 Cool | Oops | 10 Commentaires
Alister Benn :-) I'm speechless.
7 mois avant
Adam Gibbs You, speechless Alister! haha
7 mois avant
Adam Gibbs An image from a recent trip to Mt. Assiniboine where I met up with Alister Benn and his lovely wife Juanli Sun. A particularly mysterious foggy morning at Magog lake with Mt. Assiniboine in the backgorund
Mists of Magog - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park, British Co
I never tire of Mt. Assiniboine. Over the years I have spent quite a bit of time in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park and each time seem to experience very different shooting conditions. On this adventu
8 mois avant | 5 Cool | Oops | 12 Commentaires
Gary McGhee So much to see in this wonderful image Adam.
8 mois avant
Adam Gibbs Thanks so much everyone, I appreciate the positive feedback.
7 mois avant
Adam Gibbs
Last colour of the day overlooking interesting sandstone rock formations found on Hornby Island.
8 mois avant | 2 Cool | Oops | 6 Commentaires
Alister Benn Finding interesting comps at Tofino is a real challenge - you've done brilliantly again...
8 mois avant
Adam Gibbs Thanks, everyone! Alister this is from Hornby Island. I didn't take you guys there or mention it because I didn't want you taking home all the good comps ;-)
8 mois avant
Adam Gibbs A long overdue new image from my summer travels on Vancouver Island
The Thumb of Huson - Little Huson Cave Regional Park, N Vanc
The spectacular entrance way to one of the many caves found at Little Huson Regional Park. The caves are unusual in that they are made up of Quatsino formation limestone that is not common on Vancouve
8 mois avant | 1 Cool | Oops | 6 Commentaires
Stephanie Sahner benz very interesting composition
8 mois avant
Adam Gibbs Thank you all.
8 mois avant
Adam Gibbs I recently spent some time with Sean Bagshaw and David Cobb backpacking and exploring The Enchantments in Washington state. I've hiked into The Enchantments a few times now and am always blown away by the beauty of the location. Both Sean and David are great guys (and Photographers) to spend some time in the wilds with.
Morning Perfection - The Enchantments, Alpine Lakes Wilderne
A wonderful morning reflection on Perfection Lake located in The Enchantments.
3 années avant | 3 Cool | Oops | 4 Commentaires
Felix Gil de la Casa Beautiful image Adam. I love warm - cool colors. Thanks for sharing.
3 années avant
Marc Dilley Wow, you're shooting in my backyard, why didn't I see that one! Very nice Adam!
2 années avant
Adam Gibbs It's been a while since I've updated my portfolio so I decided to clean things up a bit. Took a few images out, added some new images both older favorites and a couple of newer photographs.
3 années avant | 3 Cool | Oops | 10 Commentaires
rafael rojas Wonderful and personal photographs. Adam, your work is always an incredible gift!! :)
3 années avant
Antonio Martinez Tomas You have some very good photographs, Adam. I especially like The Enchantments, with the contrast of cold and warm colors, greetings
3 années avant
Adam Gibbs Feeling a little nostalgic today so I added an image that I took over twenty years ago. Boy I am starting to feel old(er)
Last Rays - Robert Burnaby Park, Burnaby, British Columbia,
I decided to add this image to my portfolio for a few reasons. The first reason being that this image represents the start of my career as a photographer. Over twenty years have passed since I compose
3 années avant | 1 Cool | Oops | 13 Commentaires
GIULIO IELARDI What light! Lot of congrats, your portfolio is great and you live in a wonderful corner of the planet (I've read about it just some weeks ago into Ian Mc Allister book...).
3 années avant
Adam Gibbs Thanks, Giulio! Yes Ian McAllister has some great wildlife images taken throughout British Columbia.
3 années avant