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Hi, I've been photographing landscapes for about 5 years now. Picking up a camera helped me discover my love and passion for the beauty and peace of nature. While I list landscapes as a speciality, I just like to shoot anything beautiful or interesting.
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Chris Chamberlain One more, from Yosemite!

9 mois avant | Cool | Oops | Commentaires
Chris Chamberlain
Wonders of Winter
Winter conditions in Yosemite Valley.
9 mois avant | Cool | Oops | 3 Commentaires
rosalino torretta Immagine splendida, Portfolio con immagini e luce meravigliosa, complimenti.
7 mois avant
Chris Chamberlain Thank You!
7 mois avant
Chris Chamberlain So, it's been another long break, but here are a couple of new/older images for my portfolio. Hope you enjoy them!

9 mois avant | Cool | Oops | Commentaires
Chris Chamberlain
Fire Wave
A large cloud lights up with brilliant color over the pasture lands of central California.
9 mois avant | Cool | Oops | Commentaires
Chris Chamberlain
Longing to Stay
Lingering color, and last light on the Pt. Reyes Seashore.
9 mois avant | Cool | Oops | 1 Commentaires
Elisabeth GAILLARD Une magnifique galerie de paysage ! :-)
6 mois avant
Chris Chamberlain Well, It's been a long while, But I have added a couple of images to my portfolio. Hope you enjoy them.
2 années avant | 2 Cool | Oops | 2 Commentaires
Alister Benn Loving your images... Can't believe it's taken me so long to subscribe to your work...
12 mois avant
Chris Chamberlain Thanks Alister, I appreciate that! It's been a long while since getting out. But, hope to be able post something new soon.

12 mois avant
Chris Chamberlain heavy snowfall during a late storm in Yosemite Valley
Snowphoria - Yosemite Valley - Chris Chamberlain
Heavy snowfall during an early spring storm, Yosemite National Park.
3 années avant | Cool | Oops | 8 Commentaires
usha peddamatham I have always loved trees. This one is so beautiful. I love it.
2 années avant
Stephen Weaver Fabulous image Chris with excellent composition and made for B&W!
10 mois avant
Chris Chamberlain Here's one from one of my favorite moments of last year's (2011) amazing winter in Yosemite. Hope you enjoy it.

Glorious Moments - El Capitan Meadow, Yosemite Valley - Chri
The sun emerges and bathes this Yosemite scene in beautiful
3 années avant | Cool | Oops | Commentaires
Chris Chamberlain Hi, I uploaded a few new images tonight. Some older stuff from you know where. Yosemite is the best place I can get to in 3 1/2 hours from home. Needless to say most of my work is from there! I hope you enjoy them.

3 années avant | Cool | Oops | 2 Commentaires
Sandra Schaenzer "Autumn Spice" is really fascinating with the almost tiny looking tree and the massive, steep mountains in the background. Nice foliage, too. Thanks for sharing.
3 années avant
juanli sun Really enjoyed them, yosemite is such a beautiful place for photographer.
3 années avant
Chris Chamberlain Hey, I think the notifications feature is a good idea. However, I just recieved 200 e-mail notifications. Is there someway I can turn off that function, and just recieve the notifications here on my page?

3 années avant | Cool | Oops | 3 Commentaires
Chris Chamberlain Hey Rafael, no problem at all, thanks for the explanation. And just so you know, I wasn't pissed! :0)

This is a great site, and you guys are doing a fine job!

3 années avant
rafael rojas Thanks Chris for your understanding...We are really glad you like the site!! :)
3 années avant