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I have deeply fallen in love with the polar regions of our planet.

I wish we would take more responsibility for the changes we bring to our world - which is one reason why I chose to work as an nature photographer and Arctic Nature Guide, trying to make others love and value the wonders of our world.
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Kerstin Langenberger
Winter sunrise
Sunrise on Storkonufell, part of Laugavegur hiking trail, Iceland
Pascale dechandernagor i'm happy to have you in my subscribers. Your portfolio is very very beautiful congratulations Kerstin for all this nice pictures
8 Stunden
Kathleen Pickard The gentle sweep of light in the foreground is superb.
43 Minuten
Kerstin Langenberger
King penguin chicks in back light
vor einem Monat | 4 Cool | Oops | 16 Kommentare
Kevin Scozzari Wonderful :-)
vor einem Tag
Sarahfiona Helme Superb!
vor einem Tag
Kerstin Langenberger
Into the Wind
A Gentoo penguin in a snow storm.
2 Monaten vor | 8 Cool | Oops | 35 Kommentare
Kevin Scozzari Marvelous
vor einem Tag
Sarahfiona Helme Kerstin, your portfolio is wonderful and impressive - there are so many images, I love. Well done!
vor einem Tag
Kerstin Langenberger
Orange cracks
The Holuhraun eruption in Iceland during the onset of winter
2 Monaten vor | 3 Cool | Oops | 7 Kommentare
Harald Klier fantastic picture...lg harald
2 Monaten vor
Adrienn Kovacs Not a safe place :)
2 Monaten vor
Kerstin Langenberger
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas everybody! :-) Northern lights and the moon over the fumarole of Hverarönd, Námaskarð, Iceland.
2 Monaten vor | 7 Cool | Oops | 16 Kommentare
Roman Pohl Wunderschön, Kerstin!
3 Wochen
fabrice bertholino fantastique.
2 Tagen
Kerstin Langenberger
Antarctic Spring
I just returned from the coldest continent... Spring in Antarctica is cold and windy. The smaller penguins, like Gentoos, have already returned to their colonies, waiting for the snow to disappear so
4 Monaten vor | 5 Cool | Oops | 23 Kommentare
Claudio Ciseria Incredible. What a great weather condition you have found.
2 Monaten vor
Jean Louis berrard Wow!!! sublime
2 Monaten vor
Kerstin Langenberger
Short encounter
Only a short encounter, but one that I will remember for a long time... A humpback whale on a cloudy day in Eyjarfjörður, Iceland. The white "thing" in the water is its left flipper: the upper sid
5 Monaten vor | 2 Cool | Oops | 8 Kommentare
Stephan Lang Wow - das wirkt fast live.
Atemberaubend schön!!
5 Monaten vor
Nicole Barge Quelle fabuleuse rencontre!
4 Monaten vor
Kerstin Langenberger
Light from Beyond
A dream came true when I was finally allowed to visit the ongoing eruption of Bárðarbunga volcano at Holuhraun, Iceland. Dusk was definitely the most photogenic time of my stay: the light from above
5 Monaten vor | 7 Cool | Oops | 9 Kommentare
Tommaso Renzi This is siply incredible , great moment great place
5 Monaten vor
Justus Steinfeldt Extrem schön Kerstin!! =)
4 Wochen
Kerstin Langenberger
Aurora Dragon
Northern lights are usually without colour or slightly green. Only sometimes they become so strong that colour becomes clearly visible to the human eye. It's a firework on the night sky: indescribable
6 Monaten vor | 2 Cool | Oops | 10 Kommentare
Alister Benn Wow - Amazing
5 Monaten vor
Felix Gil de la Casa Wonderful, stunning shapes.
5 Monaten vor
Kerstin Langenberger
Earth and Sky on Fire
A few nights ago, a dream came true: I was able to witness a strong display of northern lights and a volcanic eruption at the same time. The full moon illuminated the scenery, the wind nearly blew me
6 Monaten vor | 4 Cool | Oops | 12 Kommentare
Felix Gil de la Casa Beautiful conjunction, incredible situation, great light and amazing picture Kerstin.
5 Monaten vor
Yohan LAFOND I missed this photo. Crazy moment but you were here ! Awesome as say the young american people !
11 Stunden