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Native from Belgium, I am a nature lover who has started photography in 2005. At the beginning, I spent a lot of time photographing mainly birds and mammals in their environment. My style was naturalist and documentary. Since 2009, I live in the south of France and I have slightly moved towards artistic and subjective pictures. I must admit that I have changed my way of approaching the nature. I do more macro photography and more subjective images. Today, I present my pictures to a broad audience through my website, exhibitions, photo contests, and publications.
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Jonathan Lhoir
Behind the leaves
21 mars, journée internationale des forêts
one week ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 9 Comment
David Henrot Magnifique graphisme !
6 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir Merci pour vos supers messages! ;-)
4 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir
If this tree could talk
Flamingo and tree
2 months ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 30 Comment
Pierre Boulay Bien vu !
4 weeks ago
rosalino torretta Fantastica immagine!!!
2 weeks ago
Jonathan Lhoir
2 months ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 25 Comment
Kevin Scozzari Superbe
4 weeks ago
Valerie Valerie BLANCA Absolument magnifique :)
7 days ago
Jonathan Lhoir
Latest ray of light
Héron au soleil couchant
3 months ago | Cool | Oops | 11 Comment
Michel Lucas Remarkable image, very mysterious, raises questions. I like it!
3 months ago
Xavier Manrique great capture
3 months ago
Jonathan Lhoir Happy New year!

For me, 2015 start well because my new website is online!

You can find in it four galeries, all the informations about my workshops, exhibitions or lectures and also a Blog in which I'll add a lot of news all during the year!

Thanks for this very nice job!

Enjoy and feel you free to share!

Accueil - Jonathan Lhoir
3 months ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 5 Comment
Jonathan Lhoir Merci pour vos bons voeux!
3 months ago
Martin Schmidt Thank you so much....your website is very surprising and interesting
LG martin
3 months ago
Jonathan Lhoir
Héron garde-boeuf et héron cendré
4 months ago | 6 Cool | Oops | 22 Comment
Jonathan Lhoir Thank you very much
4 months ago
Nicole Barge Ouf! Quelle atmosphère!
3 months ago
Jonathan Lhoir
Shadow of the beast
A couple of Stag beetle
4 months ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 10 Comment
Nicole Barge Du grand art!
one month ago
Kevin Scozzari Superbe lumière et belle réalisation!
4 weeks ago
Jonathan Lhoir
4 months ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 12 Comment
Georges Deparis Bravo .J'aime beaucoup cette photo
3 months ago
Kevin Scozzari Sublime, j'adore
4 weeks ago
Jonathan Lhoir
4 months ago | 5 Cool | Oops | 14 Comment
Jonathan Lhoir Merci à tous pour vos commentaires bien sympathiques!
4 months ago
victorino diaz fernandez Fantástica. Saludos Victor
4 months ago
Jonathan Lhoir
Flamant rose en vol
4 months ago | 3 Cool | Oops | 11 Comment
Yohan LAFOND Les couleurs incroyables de cet oiseau ressortent magnifiquement sur ce fond noir !
4 months ago
Rocco MEGA Fabuleux !!!
4 months ago