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Whytake Dear All:
We are very sorry to announce that the website will be closing permanently on the 5th July 2015.

The four of us started this community with great passion and have put huge amounts of time and energy into building a great community for nature photographers.

After the recent reforms to we have more understanding of the activities and behaviours on the website, and realise no longer provides a contemporary platform and that ongoing continued improvements to the website are not manageable by the 4 of us.

Sadly, the 4 of us have agreed that the time has come and the website will be closed on the 5th July.

Image of the Day will be end from tomorrow.

We would like to extend our thanks to all the contributions and support through the years, we certainly enjoyed finding great nature photographers around the world and the inspiration you provided.

Best Regards
Whytake Team - Aliste Benn, Rafael Rojas, Anca Minican & Juanli Sun
6 days ago | Cool | 1 Oops | 33 Comment
Brigitte BERIZZI Très triste de quitter ce grand site d'images de nature Un grand merci a vous 4 d'avoir crée ce site magnifique . C'était un vrai régal de découvrir autant de vrais talents.
Bonne continuation
13 hours ago
Eddy REMY Back from holidays today ..... what a sad information ...
but thanks for your passion during these years and see you somewhere else on this beautiful earth !
9 hours ago
Ofer Levy
Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher
Photographed this male in Julatten Queensland, Astralia. Spent 10 hours a day for five days until I got lucky enough to get this shot. The prey is a Graceful Tree Frog.
2 months ago | 2 Cool | Oops | 4 Comment
Serge DAENS Belles couleurs et superbe image, bravo!
2 months ago
victorino diaz fernandez Una bonita imagen Ofer , con una luz y fondo extraordinarios . Saludos, Victor
2 months ago
Whytake Happy Birthday to Whytake - Launched today three years ago. 11/11/11

We would like to thank all the nature photographers around the world for their contributions and activity. You've helped make such a stunning source of inspiration and an important resource for Nature.

Thank you from Alister, Rafael, Juanli & Anca.
8 months ago | 11 Cool | Oops | 20 Comment
Larry Monczka It's been wonderful to see work by our European colleagues who rarely have the visibility they deserve in North America. Cheers, Larry.

8 months ago
Felix Gil de la Casa Happy Birthday to Whytake and thanks for this fantastic website.
8 months ago