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Ort - Timisoara, Romania
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English, Romanian
I'm living in Romania, Europe. I am very passionate about nature and landscape photography and I am trying to spend as many days as it is possible in the nature. I make a living from something different than photography.
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Endormie ...
Au petit matin, fin octobre ...
8 Stunden | Cool | Oops | 10 Kommentare
Luc Patureau Jolie diagonale , Eddy !
5 Stunden
Alpine Man Jolie macro et très sympa les gouttes de rosée !
4 Stunden
From last summer ...
Picture from last summer in Corsica (France)
8 Stunden | 1 Cool | Oops | 2 Kommentare
Serge DAENS Belle image!
8 Stunden
Philippe DECOT Très jolie composition Eddy !
7 Stunden
9 Stunden | Cool | Oops | 10 Kommentare
Pascale dechandernagor magnifique une très belle image Serge bravo
6 Stunden
Luc Patureau Très belle prise !
5 Stunden
Petra Draskovic
Flooded lake
Slovenian Cerknica Lake is special. It is vanishing lake, so the water sinks in the underground. There is always a mystery around it and I like it a lot
17 Stunden | 2 Cool | Oops | 9 Kommentare
Larry Monczka I love the delicate exposure and careful composition. Cheers, Larry.
8 Stunden
Philippe DECOT Excellent composition !
7 Stunden
Petra Draskovic
On the edge
Walk in the forest is always special. Either you meed an animal, you witness special light changes.. and this was the case here, too.
18 Stunden | Cool | Oops | 5 Kommentare
DELAGUETTE Pierre Magnifique!
8 Stunden
Philippe DECOT Very beautiful !!!!
7 Stunden
rosalino torretta
Cigni ripresi a distanza ravvicinata.
19 Stunden | 1 Cool | Oops | 9 Kommentare
Cyril Verron Splendid pov and depth of field play, here !
11 Stunden
BUFFLER CLAUDE très belle inspiration ;un cadragesuperbe !
10 Stunden
Noemie Dagan
vor einem Tag | Cool | Oops | 1 Kommentare
Alpine Man Jolies couleurs et détails
12 Stunden
juanli sun
5 Elements
Really start like the delicate look from working images just using lightroom. Very impressed with what lightroom can offer with B&W photography, really enjoying using local adjustment to bring out sub
Eddy REMY Simple and graphic, Juanli ! Nice B/W picture ...
vor einem Tag
Luc Patureau A great compo with just some little rocks !
vor einem Tag
juanli sun
Magical Himalaya
Images taken in 2010, finally able to using what I have learned the last few months from Alister and Rafael's Black & White e-Module, it's all about feel and emotion. I worked this image for 2 days,
Eddy REMY Nice contrast beetween the white of the snow and the grey/black of the mountain/sky, Juanli !
vor einem Tag
Alpine Man Great light and contrast
12 Stunden
Kerstin Langenberger
Antarctic Spring
I just returned from the coldest continent... Spring in Antarctica is cold and windy. The smaller penguins, like Gentoos, have already returned to their colonies, waiting for the snow to disappear so
Kerstin Langenberger Thank you for your comments - much appreciated! :)
13 Stunden
Alpine Man Splendid!
12 Stunden