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Abonniert Von: - 39
Portfolio Fotos - 24
Favoriten - 133
Firma - Enchanted Light Photography
Ort - Gulf Breeze, Florida, United States
Website - http://www.enchantedlightphotograp..
Fotografische Schwerpunkte
For me, nature photography started simply as a way to record my adventures and trips so I could remember and revisit them for years to come. What started as an afterthought gradually evolved into a consuming passion.

I am very fortunate in that my dad was an avid outdoorsman, and he passed down his love for the outdoors to my brothers and me. I can think of no better way to repay him than to share my love of the outdoors with others. I shoot what pleases me, in a style that's comfortable for me. I hope that you enjoy the results of my efforts.
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Alister Benn I can 100% recommend you subscribe to Adam Gibbs - a truly gifted landscape photographer. - the global community of nature photographers - is the global community of the world’s best nature photographers, sharing their Inspiration and passion for nature photography. A searchable database of nature photographers, nature imag
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Alister Benn
The Last Morning
Mountain light is always dynamic, always changing and always a surprise. Our last morning at Mt Assiniboine was no exception. Frost forming before our eyes and a pleasure to shoot beside Adam Gibbs
Dario Podesta superb shot! congrats!!
2 Tagen
Yohan LAFOND What a Landscape ! Magnifique, j'adore.
2 Tagen
Alister Benn
Soul Music
A golden dawn at Mount Assiniboine in the Rocky Mountains. We trekked up here many times during our week stay in this Canadian gem.
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Alister Benn Thanks Adam :-)
7 Tagen
Joel Delmas Perfect light in a perfect scenery during a prefect season with a perfect composition. What else?
I love it! Congratulations!
Wish to visit this place soon.
3 Tagen
Alister Benn
The Natural Bridge over the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park is a popular tourist spot and when we arrived late afternoon it was packed. However, as the moon began to rise, we were alone.
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Dani Lefrancois An absolutely amazing a fresh look at this place. I see this area very often when my own eyes and in photographs. I never photograph is because I have always failed to capture the beauty I see. Stunner of a photograph!
vor einer Woche
Scotty Perkins So nice. Great to see some of the Canada stuff coming in.
vor einer Woche
Alister Benn
A moody sunset for our first visit to Mt Assiniboine in the back country of the Rockies. The Larches really popping thanks to a recent cold snap.
Scotty Perkins Just a killer shot, Alister. Love the drama.
vor einer Woche
Marc Dilley Great capture! Fascinating cloud detail.
5 Tagen
Kah Kit Yoong
Milford Sound, the jewel in the crown of New Zealand’s south island has long been one of those locations which I’ve put into the tough basket. This is a majestic and awe-inspiring location however
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Stan Newman Great conditions, especially with the smooth glassy water. A beautiful shot indeed.........
2 Wochen
Roman Pohl Very nice play with Long exposure.
vor einer Woche
rafael rojas Wonderful image from Fabien dal Vecchio!
When spirits raise the valley - Vallée de l'Ubaye - Fabien
Taken before a big storm while i was climbing the top of a mountain!
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Cyril Verron I think too !
2 Wochen
Roman Pohl Incredible clouds. Very dramatic and nice!
vor einer Woche
Kah Kit Yoong
Perpetual Motion
Eddies as the tide comes in at Milford Sound.
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Philippe DECOT Nice result for this reflection !
Top composition...
4 Wochen
fabrice morin amazing reflect, very nice W&B!
4 Wochen
Kah Kit Yoong
Caramel Swirl
Moeraki Boulders at sunset
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Serge DAENS Techniquement parfaite, superbe image!
vor einem Monat
Philippe DECOT Superb seascape !
vor einem Monat
Whytake Hi, All:

During our recent troubles with the website, it was unfortunate that the profile and portfolio of Daniel Montero was deleted.

We would urge all of you to Subscribe to Daniel as he is a truly wonderful nature photographer and had a large following on Whytake.

Thanks for showing your support of his work, and once again, apologies to Daniel for this unfortunate incident. - the global community of nature photographers - is the global community of the world’s best nature photographers, sharing their Inspiration and passion for nature photography. A searchable database of nature photographers, nature imag
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Vincent de Jong Sorry to here. looking forward to see some images again
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