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My first career was in television broadcasting after leaving college in Southern Oregon, followed by a 30+ year career in high end audio/video products development and manufacturing.

I began to build my portfolio of travel, nature and landscape photography with medium and large format film in the late 1980s. By 2000 I was transitioning from my electronics career into full time photography.

I own and operate Earth & Light Gallery in Kayenta (Ivins) near St. George, Utah. I currently shoot with digital medium format (Pentax), work with Macs and PCs, and print my images with a Canon ipf8300.
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thomas vanderheyden ohhhhhh
2 semanas antes
juanli sun
A BW Version of Image I posted few months ago; Colour images just so not me, so slowly get ride of "old" colour images from my portfolio
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Gianluca Cantelli Beautiful composition! Well done!
2 meses antes
Eric Louppe Une atmosphère étrange comme j'aime, bravo .
4 semanas antes
juanli sun
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Felix Gil de la Casa Great B&W Juanli. Very nice texture.
2 meses antes
Morris McClung Excellent tonal range in this. Well done.
2 meses antes
Whytake Great Interview with Kristel Schneider - very interesting way of many female photographers join together made this wonderful interview.

Interview Kristel Schneider | Visions and Nature
Interview Series 2014 : Final interview with Kristel Schneider by Kerstin Langenberger, Orsolya Haarberg, Alessandra Meniconzi,Cindy Jeannon, Andrea Gulickx, Misja Smits, Heike Odermatt, Daisy Gilardi
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juanli sun I really enjoyed interview, a part of my inspiration as well.
2 meses antes
Kristel Schneider Thanks Juanli ;-)
2 meses antes
juanli sun
Winter Morning
A beautiful Snowy afternoon.
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juanli sun Hi, Eddy:

I am sure you will love Scotland, the wildness and remoteness of unique landscape is waiting for you:)

2 meses antes
Kristel Schneider LIKE ;-)
2 meses antes
Whytake Dear All:

Happy New Year!

Wish we all have great light in 2015.

Whytake Team - Alister, Rafael, Juanli & Anca.
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Valerie Falque Happy new year !!
4 meses antes
Martin Schmidt Thank you so much and also best wishes for 2015 with allways a good an spezial light......
Greetings Martin
4 meses antes
Whytake Latest article by Alister and Rafael featured on Topaz.
Learning to See in Black and White « Topaz Labs Blog
Important techniques and tips for improving your black and white photography
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Phil Fontana Hi Allister, I just finished my first go through of the Black and White emodules. Congratulations to you and Rafael on a very valuable set of lessons. Both the written and video segments are very well crafted and presented. Cheers Phil
5 meses antes
juanli sun Great, Phil, thanks for your kind feedback, I really enjoyed that e-Module as well.
5 meses antes
juanli sun
5 Elements
Really start like the delicate look from working images just using lightroom. Very impressed with what lightroom can offer with B&W photography, really enjoying using local adjustment to bring out sub
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Harald Klier especially picture, black and white, i like it...lg harald
4 meses antes
Fermin Munoz Ochotea Very nice Juanli,
4 meses antes
juanli sun
Magical Himalaya
Images taken in 2010, finally able to using what I have learned the last few months from Alister and Rafael's Black & White e-Module, it's all about feel and emotion. I worked this image for 2 days,
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Kristel Schneider Beautiful image Juanli!
5 meses antes
Bernard Schouwey I like this image! Good job!
2 meses antes
Whytake Dear All:

I have uploaded banner in 4 languages, you can download from our facebook page:;type=3

Please share on your website or blog to promote this great community.

Best Regards
Juanli Sun
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dominique schmitt done ! thank you !
6 meses antes