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My first career was in television broadcasting after leaving college in Southern Oregon, followed by a 30+ year career in high end audio/video products development and manufacturing.

I began to build my portfolio of travel, nature and landscape photography with medium and large format film in the late 1980s. By 2000 I was transitioning from my electronics career into full time photography.

I own and operate Earth & Light Gallery in Kayenta (Ivins) near St. George, Utah. I currently shoot with digital medium format (Pentax), work with Macs and PCs, and print my images with a Canon ipf8300.
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juanli sun
3 semanas antes | 1 Cool | Oops | 7 Comentarios
rosalino torretta Grazie Juanli, per la foto del giorno, sei sempre gentilissima, un saluto Lino.
2 semanas antes
Xavier Manrique Excellent abstraction. I like it.
2 semanas antes
juanli sun
Vik Beach
Lovely rocks beside Vik Beach, waves retreat create lines in the evening light
3 semanas antes | 3 Cool | Oops | 8 Comentarios
Adrienn Kovacs wonderful place and it is very good place for B&W photography
3 semanas antes
Valerie Falque Magnifique !
3 semanas antes
Whytake Amazing Images from the Himalayas and Brazil, welcome a great photographer Michael Anderson from Colorado. - the global community of nature photographers - is the global community of the world’s best nature photographers, sharing their Inspiration and passion for nature photography. A searchable database of nature photographers, nature imag
3 semanas antes | 6 Cool | Oops | Comentarios
juanli sun
Not alone
A beautiful day at famous Jokulsarlon Beach.
4 semanas antes | 1 Cool | Oops | 5 Comentarios
Andrei Reinol Beautiful colors, great exposure here.
3 semanas antes
Valerie Falque Quelle belle lumière !
3 semanas antes
juanli sun
Ice Fish
Love to spend time with these spectacular Ice Pieces on the beach.
4 semanas antes | 2 Cool | Oops | 3 Comentarios
Eddy REMY Nice colours and texture on the ice, Juanli ! I love your pictures !
4 semanas antes
Stan Newman Ice on a beach is such a visual oddity for me as it doesn't happen here in Oregon. That said, this is a beautiful shot and the soft blues are very appealing.
4 semanas antes
juanli sun
7 Rocks B&W
Even though the colour version was too blue, but not happy with anything less blue in colour, so I tried with B&W.
4 semanas antes | 8 Cool | Oops | 12 Comentarios
luis gil Superbe !
3 semanas antes
luis gil Superbe !
3 semanas antes
juanli sun
7 Rocks
A group of rocks on Vik Beach
4 semanas antes | 3 Cool | Oops | 15 Comentarios
Morris McClung Love the cool mood to this.
4 semanas antes
juanli sun Thanks all, after few attempt of re-work the image, I decide that I like the B&W version.
4 semanas antes
Whytake Ce n'est pas tous les jours qu'un article de Marc Adamus est publié... et encore moins qu'il l'est fait en Français!! A dévorer lentement... vraiment quelques des mots les plus profonds d'un photographe hors du commun... En exclusive chez Whytake - La Communauté Globale des Photographes de la Nature
The Blog —-Ça viendra à vous… - Marc Adamu
4 semanas antes | 6 Cool | Oops | 4 Comentarios
Denis GIRARD La photo comme un art !
Bravo tout simplement !
4 semanas antes
Gael Boulay Le maître a parlé.
4 semanas antes
Sean Bagshaw
Land's End
Sunset on the dramatic Wild Rivers Coast of southern Oregon. There are more sea stacks than people in this part of the world.
un mes antes | 4 Cool | Oops | 6 Comentarios
Cher Richardson I love the lighting and the exposure.Nice job.
un mes antes
Harry Lichtman I wanted to thank you for indirectly introducing me to this site. I was on your site a while back and ended up here somehow. A great collection of images, this one is a fine addition. You boys at Cascadia know how to do it right!
una semana antes
juanli sun
As it is
Finally an image more like "me"
2 meses antes | 4 Cool | Oops | 5 Comentarios
Sebastien Frezza nice title for this excellent B&W !! What an exceptional country too .... WAOU !!
un mes antes
Gianluca Cantelli Wonderful Junali! Great b/w and composition!
un mes antes

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