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Lieu - Austin, Texas, United States
Blog - http://www.portraitsofwildflowers.wordpr..
Landscapes, Flora&macro
English, Spanish, French
I most often photograph the wildflowers and other plants and trees that are native to central Texas, as well as the small creatures that live on or visit them. I do my best to depict these species in ways that others have not, and I tend to think of my images as portraits. I'm opportunistic enough to include other animals if they happen my way.
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Whytake The Whytake Expedition with Marc Adamus to Tibet in 2015 is full and we have been very much over-subscribed. You can still apply to be on the waiting list and be among the first to be accepted for future Whytake expeditions.
Whytake Expeditions
Join Whytake and Marc Adamus on the Photography Trip of a lifetime to the secret valleys in the heart of the Himalaya in Tibet.
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Whytake Amazing Images from the Himalayas and Brazil, welcome a great photographer Michael Anderson from Colorado. - the global community of nature photographers - is the global community of the world’s best nature photographers, sharing their Inspiration and passion for nature photography. A searchable database of nature photographers, nature imag
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Whytake Ce n'est pas tous les jours qu'un article de Marc Adamus est publié... et encore moins qu'il l'est fait en Français!! A dévorer lentement... vraiment quelques des mots les plus profonds d'un photographe hors du commun... En exclusive chez Whytake - La Communauté Globale des Photographes de la Nature
The Blog —-Ça viendra à vous… - Marc Adamu
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Gael Boulay Le maître a parlé.
4 mois avant
ingrid bormans simplement superbe !
2 mois avant
The Blog —-Image of the Month
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Astrid Hauzenberger Gratulation, es sind ganz groassartige Bilder!
5 mois avant
ingrid bormans congratulations to all of you !
2 mois avant
Whytake Truly talented Photographer
Interview-Series: Orsolya Haarberg | Visions and Nature
Interview Orsolya Haarberg by Kristel Schneider ' Nature is pure spirit, it is the biggest artist. If you want to document its art, you have to see  Art in nature' 2014, a brand new year and new reso
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Jozsef Bognar Fantastic images.
6 mois avant
Monique Morin Magnifique!
5 mois avant
Whytake Image of the Month - December 2013
The Blog —-Image of the Month - December 2013,
7 mois avant | 3 Cool | Oops | 1 Commentaires
Eddy REMY Great choice and wonderful pictures. Congratulations to the winners !
7 mois avant
Whytake Français
The Blog —-Jonathan Lhoir - Français
Naturaliste originaire de Belgique, j'ai débuté la photographie fin 2005. Très rapidement j'ai passé beaucoup de temps dans la nature pour photographier principalement les oiseaux et les mammifèr
7 mois avant | 3 Cool | Oops | 2 Commentaires
Fabian Vol très belle réussite
7 mois avant
Eddy REMY Chouette interview et travail , Jonathan ! Si j'avais su qu'il y aurait une traduction, je ne l'aurais pas lue hier en anglais ;-)
7 mois avant
Whytake Merry Christmas from all of us here at Whytake - We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the marvellous photographers who have contributed to the site and made it such a remarkable source of inspiration.

2014 is going to be a huge year for us and we can't wait to share all the developments with you all.
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Minghui Yuan Thank you and Merry Christmas to all you !
7 mois avant
Cher Richardson Thanks for this website.
7 mois avant
Whytake The amazing Images of the Month for November 2013 - Please show your support for the photographers responsible...

It was another seriously tough choice this month.
The Blog —-Image of the Month - November 2013
Image of the Month, Landscape by Andrea Pozzi, Macro by Bastien Riu, Birds by ROSALINO , Wildlife by KERSTIN LANGENBERGER, Black and White by THEO BOSBOOM
8 mois avant | 9 Cool | Oops | 4 Commentaires
rafael rojas Congratulations to the shortlisted photographers!
8 mois avant
Stan Newman All well deserved and excellent photography!
8 mois avant
Whytake - the global community of nature photographers - is the global community of the world’s best nature photographers, sharing their Inspiration and passion for nature photography. A searchable database of nature photographers, nature imag
8 mois avant | 2 Cool | Oops | 7 Commentaires
Xavier Manrique Great pictures
8 mois avant
Bruno Schultz Images superbes et surréalistes. De tels paysages me laissent rêveur...Un grand bravo!
8 mois avant

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